A collaboration.

"The principle of humanity is to prevent and alleviate suffering wherever it may be found."         

Red Cross.

Ifeed is a collaboration between three women who have worked together in social enterprise with a focus on women who are migrants and refugees. We are passionate about equality, and the power of harnessing a grassroots approach to problem-solving social injustice. We believe all of us living a privileged life free of war, poverty and hunger can take small steps for a more humane way of life in Australia.



ifeed approaches the problem by not reinventing the wheel. We've seen a gap in services with already strained community organisations. Ultimately we want to take quick action, and we know that the best way to do this is to collaborate with the communities and the organisations that know the problems inside out. We are service providers to them, and in turn, can help those most in need. We keep it simple and are humble in our approach. We believe that communities understand the solution required, and we have their back.

We understand the complexities of both charity and business and admire others working in this space to do good. But we aren't just do-gooders, we want to play our own small part to un-fuck the world. 

Have a heart Australia and get on board.