i.donate $10 for Kris Kringle or Dirty Santa

When you have only $10 or $20 to spend, it’s hard to find a gift which isn’t just rubbish.

Would you like to see real change in alleviating the fear and despair currently being experienced by hundreds of refugees currently living here in Melbourne?

Why not this Christmas, instead of buying the usual box of chocolates or bottle of wine, donate to a grassroots social enterprise helping to feed refugees in crisis?

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We ensure 90% of all donations go straight to projects supporting refugees experiencing a genuine crisis.

Currently, all donations raised will be used to support a pilot weekly dinner, cooked by refugees for refugees in the Whittlesea Community. Funds raise by i.feed.refugees will provide the Whittlesea Community with access to fresh produce from our partner organization The Community Grocer.

By giving a meaningful Kris Kringle gift from i.feed.refugees this Christmas, you will be directly helping someone who has had to flee their country, friends, careers, and now struggles to support their most basic needs.

An i.feed.refugee's KK is an opportunity to rebuild confidence and self-esteem in someone whose life is in limbo due to the bureaucracy of the asylum seeker application process. 

At i.feed.refugees, we believe the most important thing is access to fresh food that is culturally relevant, thus building security, self-esteem, and social integration.

So, jump onto the website www.ifeedrefugees.com donate, and we will send you an email with an A4 message for you to print out as your Kris Kringle.

donate to ifeedrefugees this Christmas

Having ticked off your Kris Kringle gift you may be tempted to buy an i.feed.refugee tee shirt or reusable jute shopping bag where your purchase will help to highlight the insanity of the government cuts, whilst also giving a week’s fresh food to a refugee in crisis.  

We would love your support via social media to spread our advocacy

Take a stand and have your say. Share it to insta or facebook with the #ifeedrefugees.

Thank you from the ifeed team x



You may have heard that refugees get more support than other Australians.

This is not true. Read Australian Government assistance to refugees: fact v fiction on the Parliament of Australia website.